Unimoni Gold Loan

Gold loan for immediate cash. Pledge gold & get easy money with smart repayment options. Safe & secure with quick disbursement & higher loan to value.


  • Maximum Loan Value - Unimoni gold loan offers you the maximum value for your gold. The "Rate per Gram" (RPG) is updated daily referring to the IBJA gold price of the day. Moreover, we consider the 100% weight of the gold ornaments to arrive at the loan value. All this will guarantee you get the best rate and need not search for a second source to meet your immediate fund requirements.
  • Quick Disbursal - Give your KYC and gold ornaments to our loan officer and get the disbursement completed within a few minutes. You need not wait for a gold smith to come to value your gold. Our in-house appraisers will do the valuation instantly. We are working on a digital platform that enables us to get instant approvals for your loans. You will receive the payment in your bank account immediately or you can collect cash from our counter itself.
  • Easy Repayments - It is made easy for making the payments in your loan. Be in your office or home, use our various digital options to transfer the fund to the loan account. You can make the payments using online banking, Mobile app, UPI, etc.
  • Experienced In-House Valuator - We have trained and experienced appraisers in our branches to evaluate the assets (gold ornaments). We assure you that ornaments will not be damaged due to an unprofessional appraising method.
  • Topup & Partial redemption Facilities - Avail more amount on your loan at any time, when your gold has more value. No need to do new valuation or KYC verifications. Check with our loan officer and get the fund transferred instantly. When you wish to take back an ornament, pay an amount only for that particular ornament and take back your favorite item without closing the loan in full.
  • No Hidden charges - We like to be fully transparent to our customers. Our Relationship executives will clearly explain the ROI and charges of each scheme to you before they complete the loan process.
  • Lowest Interest Rates - An affordable rate of interest is another attraction for you to choose our product. Low-interest rate keeps you away from a financial burden in the future. The rate starts from 1.5% (monthly) or 18% p.a and it will not get changed till the closing of your loan account.
  • Safe Custody of ornaments in vault with global industry standards - We value your assets, hence the best security supports are arranged to store your gold. All our branches have vault facility to store the gold. We have a professionally managed internal control system for managing the operations of these vault.
  • Anytime redemption - There is no minimum lock-in period for the loans. You can happily repay the loan amounts as per your convenience and get the pledged ornaments at any time.
  • Less documentation & Maximum tenure - Why should you carry a bundle of documents to avail a loan? Submit your PAN and address proof to our loan officer to start the loan process. Avail of a loan from Unimoni and stay relaxed since you get enough time to think about repayment. Our loan products are given the longest tenure for closing as well as interest remittance. Normally you need to remit interest on your loans once in 3 or 6 months and loan tenure will be up to one year. You can even renew your loan after one year. 
  • Data Privacy & Protection - We value your privacy and guarantee that no personal information will be shared with third parties. All customer-related information is processed and stored in the digital platform which can be accessed only for the authorized personnel's of the company. 
    Login to our web or Mobile app to access the details of your loan account online and view the payment track, upcoming due dates, Overdraft eligibility and a lot more. You can even make payments to the loan accounts through it.
  • Insurance for the Gold - We understand the value of your gold pledged with us. Your asset is covered under an Insurance policy for any type of probable loss that happens to it during the tenure of the loan. Moreover, we assure our customers that your emotional values on the gold also will be taken care of. Your ornaments are kept in our vault with utmost care and security
  • 24 X 7 Customer Support - Our expert's team is always available to assist you all the time. Call us on 1800 102 0555 or Whatapp on 99460 86666
    Email : customercare@unimoniindia.com